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Two well known terms in the hair removal industry are Laser and IPL, but do you understand what they really do? We know there is much confusion when it comes to these terms and which is better for treatments so here is the short and sweet answer.

Laser produces a single wavelength of light that is concentrated and has a specific target. Using the correct settings, all skin types can be treated with laser and results can be seen in a quicker time frame. Laser is usually a bit more expensive, but with fewer treatments needed the price equals out between the treatments.

IPL produces a broad spectrum of wavelengths that spread across a treated area. With a non-concentrated beam the treatments can take a longer time frame to see results if any. IPL is also not suggested for people with darker skin tone. Since the beam is spread across the surface it can target the pigment of the skin and not the hair and result in skin burns. IPL treatments are typically cheaper per treatment to have done, but take more treatments for results.

Which is right for you? Do you want more effective treatments? Do you want results in a shorter time frame? Laser is the way to go!