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Most people have a love-hate relationship with the big, bright yellow ball in the sky. They love the warm feeling of the sun on their skin. They also love the happiness pill that comes along with sun exposure. However, people also hate sun damage, sunburns, and the potential for skin cancer. Understandably! What kind of damage does the sun cause? We see sun damage in the form of premature aging and sun spots mostly, but these are things Skin Mechanixx can help you with.

The question that we have been getting is, “how do you safely get sun exposure?” Many people love the affects they get from being in the sun as well as the Vitamin D they receive. What they don’t realize is they can still get those benefits while wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from damage and helps prevent skin cancer.

Here are some tips:

  • Whenever you leave the house you should put sunscreen on any part of the body that is exposed, even the hands. You don’t realize how much sun the hands encounter daily from driving alone.
  • If you are going to be outdoors for quite a while it is best to re-apply your sunscreen to make sure it is effective.
  • Making sure you have some sort of shade and possibly a hat while you are outdoors for extended periods is also wise.
  • When you apply your sunscreen it is better to blot it onto your skin rather than rub it in because you break down the product faster.

If you are the type of person who hides from the sun completely, we also understand where you are coming from. It is suggested that you have your blood work done at the doctor’s office when they tell you it’s time to see where your level of Vitamin D is at. Your body needs Vitamin D and one of the best sources is the sun. Vitamin D helps keep your bones strong and if your levels are low you can deal with some issues down the road. There are other ways to get Vitamin D if you are not getting it from the sun. Supplements and certain foods can provide Vitamin D if you need it. Foods such as fatty fish, egg yolks, milk and beef liver can help you, but most people find it easier to just take a supplement daily.

A good rule of thumb is that sun exposure is OK in small amounts, but don’t over do it! Just remember even though you are protecting yourself with sunscreen that doesn’t mean you aren’t being negatively affected by the sun. So keep in mind the length of time you are in the sun, using shade when possible and re-applying your sunscreen.

Here is a wonderful article that really digs into all aspects of sun exposure, sun damage and Vitamin D.